Sales Policy

  • If you contact me and place a deposit on a rabbit, you have accepted this sales policy.

  •  NO rabbits will leave our care before 8 weeks of age
  • Any rabbits for sale will be listed in For Sale Album.
  • All rabbits are sold healthy!!!!
  • Once the rabbit leaves my care, we are NOT responsible.
  •  At this time I do not ship!  I will be happy to deliver them to a show I am attending.
  •  I will also meet within a reasonable distance, for a fee.  This will be determined upon request.
  • You will be responsible for checking and going over your rabbit at the time of the delivery and/or pick up.
  • If using a transport, I am not responsible once the animal(s) leave my care. 
  • I reserve the right to cancel any sale at any time, without reason!
  •  If I cancel the sale, I will refund your deposit.  If YOU cancel the sale, your deposit is FORFEITED!
  • I will begin taking deposits for the kits once they are listed in the Sale Album below and not before.  I also may hold onto a litter longer if I need to evaluate further. 
  • I DO require a deposit to hold any rabbits up to 2 weeks maximum (unless a prior arrangement has been made).  If you do not pick up your animal(s) by the end of the 2 weeks, you have FORFEITED your deposit and the rabbit(s) will be placed for sale.  
  • Again rabbit(s) do NOT leave my care before 8 weeks of age!
  •  I accept cash, money orders.
  • I encourage youth breeders/handlers and 4-H, but need to have a parent's approval before any sale is accepted. 
  •  Any deposit made is NON-REFUNDABLE if you terminate the sale!
  • Rabbits listed as SHOW come with a pedigree and are not guaranteed that they will win a show or produce kits.  This only means that while in my care I believe that the rabbit(s) possesses the standard for the breed.  Remember rabbits grow and as they mature, some may change, break a nail, tear in ears, etc.
  • Rabbits listed as PET mean they DO NOT come with a pedigree, NO EXCEPTIONS.  This does not mean they are not any less of an animal.  It just means that the buyer either wants a PET or they do not possess the qualities listed in the Standard in order to be shown.
  • Again, if you contact me and place a deposit on a rabbit(s), you ARE accepting this sales policy. 

For Sale

Brood Juniors Japanese Harlequins available!  (blk & lilac) $30 ea
Blue Jr Satin buck (Benbrook's & Rawlings' Lines) $50


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