Hello and welcome to my Apiary.  I raise Honey Bees with my Mom.  They pollinate our flowers, our fruits, vegetables and herbs.  They are also the subjects of alot of my pictures and my 4-H project.  They also provide pure honey, beeswax and propolis.  Honey Bees are very docile by nature unless you are a serious threat to them.  They do not want to sting unless they must because if they do sting it will kill them.  The queen may sting more than once but she rarely stings anything other than another queen.  The hum of the bees may be intimidating but I find it soothing, because I know they don't want to hurt me, they are just curious and going about their work.


Worker Bees are the hardest working ladies I know, they will forage up to a 6 mile radius for pollen, nectar, propolis and even water.  They also have worker bees inside guarding, feeding/cleaning the queen and taking care of the young (brood).  Drones are the males and do not have a stinger.  Drones are a little larger than the Worker Bees and have very large eyes.  Queen Bees will fly out not long after hatching and mate with several Drones.  She will then return to the hive and begin laying eggs for the remainder of her life.  Queen Bees are the largest of the 3 in a hive and use pheromones to keep everyone working.  Some beekeepers even mark a dot on the Queen to easily identify her.  This helps the beekeeper find out if she is replaced by another Queen. 


Did you know honey is a superfood!  It is still used today for it's medicinal properties.  It can help with seasonal allergies (if purchased locally), it can help get rid of colds, it can also help get rid of bad bacteria and heal some cuts/burns.  The Egyptians used this as a medicine, a type of money and accidentally made into a Mead (beer/wine).  It was also said to help with fertility and those wed would drink honey for the entire first month of marriage to ensure a child... giving the term "Honeymoon".  Since that time many other cultures have used honey and bees for many things.  Honey Bees and pollinators will help increase the yield to a crop by quite a big percentage.  So please think twice before spraying pesticides and using GMO crops because this kills our beloved honey bees and without them how will the crops grow enough food for the world!?!


One last thing.... Bees are NOT wasps, hornets and yellow jackets!  BEES have hair on their bodies and they are vegetarians!  Please get to know the difference!  Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets are MEAT EATERS and aggressive!  Some are opportunists and will get some dew/nectar from plants and will grab some sugar from Hummingbird feeds, sodas etc but they will eat BUGS and Hornets will also eat HONEY BEES. 

If you find a swarm or hive that needs to be removed, try calling your local Extension office or look in the phone book for a BEE person to come take a look.  DON'T SPRAY, let us save the HONEY BEES!!!!


My Mom has a cross stitch portrait of endangered animals, on this there is a quote that fits for everything in life "When they're gone, they're gone and so are we!"


If you have any questions please contact us!  Have a BUZZING day!



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